What is monotony fitness?

SlimSadness Stresses interfere loses weight. Try to sleep at least eight hours a day and it’s a scientific fact. Here’s how: when the brain “records” stress, it strikes an alarm to the adrenal glands, and they secrete a “stress” hormone cortical.

Formally, this hormone should multiply your strength by additional energy derived from “burning” their muscle tissue. However, scientific studies have shown that along the way he provokes the deposition of fat in the waist.

This, in turn, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, in order to prevent the emergence of extra pounds and heart disease, it is important to avoid stress. Such a wish seems impossible. But only at first glance.

Exercise more, be sure to find time to sit quietly with a book, listen to music or do anything what-so that you are appeasing. but alternate intense workouts with days of rest to tired muscles recovered Any stimulus is a critical threshold beyond which it becomes for us to stress. To monotony fitness – stress does not become a stress for your sanity, try new for him types of aerobic activity – dance sport, tennis, badminton, cycling. At the same time raise the level of endorphins! So, the more you have of endorphins in the blood, the higher this is the threshold beyond which begins the secretion of cortical. Endocrines are actively allocated during exercise. And what do you think? Athletes really like to suffer less from the heat, and that the cold. Their home “stress tolerance” is much higher than that of ordinary mortals. The second factor – a growth hormone. What it is, the lower the sensitivity to stress. Growth hormone is produced during sleep, including during the daily afternoon fiesta. That is why honest night’s rest and relaxation after dinner can be called the main points of weight loss program.

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