Weight loss with body massage

body massageThe massage therapy during a weight lose program? The answer will be yes. Of course, no amount is going to massage your slim figure down, but it can certainly help in this way, you may have never even thought of. It’s worth looking at, and why in this article you will see the benefits of massage and its effect on weight lose.

According to various researches, massage can help in weight loss. Here’s how it works. It is believed that the massage is done correctly; you are able to break the fat capsule in subcutaneous tissue so that the fat is released and absorbed by the body. Just think of the implications for cellulite!

There was a study conducted on a sample of 85 women aged 21 to 61 have a wide range of initial weight and shape. Of the 85 patients, 46 patients completed seven sessions of treatment and showed an average reduction in body circumference index 1.34 cm, and 39 patients who underwent 14 sessions of treatment showed an average reduction in body circumference index 1.83 cm reduction in the average index of the circle of the body was seen regardless of the loss or gain in weight of the patient in most cases. Patients also showed improvement in body contouring and skin texture.

Now, with the results as it is, does not it make sense to try a massage?

Let’s look at some of the other benefits of massage and weight loss. Naturally, you want to look good and massage can improve the skin’s appearance and texture and form – but the key is regular massage.

One of the biggest factors in any weight loss program is exercise. And if you hurt all the time or you are suffering from an injury or overdoing exercise – massage can get you back in the game burning calories. That’s it.

Developing leaves waste in the muscle tissue, such as lactic and carbonic acid. Thanks to the increased proliferation of these muscles, you can avoid this toxic waste and, therefore, the recovery time is reduced.

Massage also improves blood circulation of your body, which helps in feeding the oxygen and nutrients your body, because it requires, which means a better overall sense of well being. Let’s face it, if you are not sore and you feel pretty good, exercise is something most people look forward to. But if you are constantly sore and unwell, the motivation to exercise does not exist for most people.

The point is, massage and weight loss go hand in hand. You’ll never fall in serious weight of the massage alone, but being able to consistently perform and feel good will give you the momentum to stick to your program when the going gets tough.

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