Weight lose for homemade wrapping of cellulite – coffee, chocolate

Slim bodyWhat was not in a modern woman – and use a variety of effective methods of losing weight, visiting the gym, sauna, swimming pool, beauty salon, home use of cellulite wraps, different masks for face and body.

From whom no help in this difficult task? For example, from coffee. Caffeine – a very useful alkaloid in the struggle for a beautiful body. But not only that! Regular, but not frequent consumption of caffeine (two times a week to avoid addiction) is useful lover of fitness. It relieves fatigue, increases energy, indirectly promotes muscle growth, and stimulates the adrenal glands.

In addition, caffeine has been used successfully in creams for dry skin, helping to stimulate the enzymes responsible for the production of cholesterol. Accordingly, the protective layer is restored and the skin is no longer dry. In addition, included in these creams caffeine favorable effect on the eye contour: reduces swelling and tightens the skin.

How do I find beauticians, caffeine helps burn fat, so, recently popular creams for weight loss based on it. It activates cell metabolism, which helps to reduce body fat.

Coffee Wrap
Use caffeine in the fight for the beauty of the body is possible without the use of creams. We bring to your attention a very effective remedy for cellulite – coffee wrap. We must take the coffee grounds from the hard boiled coffee. Then, after taking a hot shower for 7-10 minutes to open the pores and activate the metabolism, rubbing massage to spread places affected by cellulite. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap. Next, you can do their business. While caffeine will struggle with excess fat, you can do from the ground coffee wonderful hair mask .
An hour later, the thick must be washed with warm water. It is advisable to use a moisturizer after this procedure. Coffee Body Wrap give skin a smooth, velvety and matte.

Chocolate Wrap
Chocolate Wrap has strong effect. It helps to cleanse the skin of age spots and prevents the formation of acne. Procedure causes the body’s production of endomorphism – the happy hormones, stabilizing psychological state. Chocolate contains caffeine, so the anti-cellulite effect will be a welcome addition to the above-described effects of useful chocolate wraps.

Wrap green coffee
Wrap green coffee is also used to combat cellulite. Raw grains start the process of splitting unnecessary fat, in addition, they are removed from the body toxins and waste and help even out the skin. This procedure is very well reduce the effect of the so-called “orange peel”.

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