Tips to get in figure

ShapeThe perfect time to start getting in figure and be prepared to show a lot of skin in the summer. So today we bring you a series of tips that will help you achieve it, are simple to follow and very helpful, we encourage you to try them!

Usually the main problem of people with overweight is bad food, not just by eating fried bakery products, sweets, chocolate and other bad foods, is also occasionally harmful habits, such as skipping meals or two meals a day lifetime.

It is very important that we divide our daily diet of five meals a day: breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and dinner. We can for example, breakfast at 7:00 then at 10:30 a sandwich full of turkey with a fruit. Later, at 14:00 a salad and some chicken fillets at 18:00 mushrooms and scrambled eggs 21:30 a hake baked dinner and some nuts. It is an easy to follow menu and an example of what we can do to keep the body running. This will help to increase energy expenditure without hunger. These were the tips that we had to give, we hope the same will be very useful, good luck

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