The nature of the fat

excess fatFirst it is necessary to understand the nature of fat. Previously it was thought that the number of fat cells a genetic thing, that is, along with the color of eyes and hair is genetically programmed and continuously. But now there is evidence to refute it.

It is known that maternal nutrition during pregnancy can do much to influence the process of laying the number of fat cells of the child. And the fat cells themselves, under certain conditions, such as obesity, may further divide. And to reduce the number of these cells can be only by surgery.

The fat in the body is divided into brown, subcutaneous and internal. Brown is used for body temperature regulation. Newborn children of his percentage of maximum, which is why they are well protected from the cold. Subcutaneous fat in our mind. Reborn_ its shape is called cellulite.

He annoys us the most, and with it we are an unceasing struggle. But the inner (visceral) is more dangerous, though not visible. It is deposited around and within the internal organs, impairing their function.

Penetrates the muscle fibers of muscles, and even the heart. Circulating in the form of fatty acids along with the blood vessels to oil may be deposited on the walls of the vessels themselves, narrowing the passage for blood, or clog their cholesterol plaque, causing heart attacks and strokes. Therefore necessary to get rid of all the fat, and not only on its visible part. It is fair to note that female hormones protect women from good “diseases of civilization”, putting all the excess fat on the thighs and buttocks.

But with the onset of menopause we lose this protection. It was during this period greatly increases the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks.

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