The most effective weight loss diet

weight loss dietAll women thought about the question how to lose those extra weight hateful. Today there is a huge amount of weight lose methods, including many places are varied diet, special physical and breathing exercises.

Women, especially, pay attention to a variety of effective weight loss diet, many of which now abound. Each “respects” himself actress, singer and model in a hurry to share your best weight loss method, each country has its own unique ways to combat obesity.

Each of the methods has its own characteristics. This article is designed to help brief review of the most effective diets for 2.
Effective weight loss diet
Diet of Angelina Jolie (raw diet). Feature of this diet is to use as much raw food, that is, include in your diet a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, dried fruits. Drink green tea, juice, no sugar and clean water. Valid seafood and low-fat dairy food.

Elena Malysheva diet, a popular TV host, is built on a few basic principles that make it possible simply to achieve the desired results. This – the rejection of fast, frequent meals in small portions, controlling calories and chat with your body.

About Kremlin diet have heard it all. The meaning of the diet is to create a special menu, which counted on the table of products in detail.

Chinese diet. For those who have decided to resort to the Chinese diet, be aware that this method is designed for 13 or 21 days. Supposed to use only low-calorie foods, mainly of plant origin, the rejection of spices, salt and sugar. The first two weeks are aimed at shedding weight, and the last – to consolidate the results.

Kefir diet. During this diet all foods are replaced with yogurt. Alternatively, you can use fruit kefir diet, here alternate yogurt with fruit.

Diet Larisa Dolina is the correct distribution of meals for the day, as well as the alternation: one day – a normal diet, the other – only yogurt.

Popular and diet Kim Protasov . He has his own method, designed for five weeks. During this diet is not a feeling of hunger, which is a huge advantage. For each week painted a special menu. This is mainly low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

The Japanese diet is designed for 13 days, during which used a low-carb and low-calorie food. Strict ban imposed on all fatty, sweet and salty. Painted on each day a special menu.

Indian diet is based on the principles of nutrition on Ayurveda, which is based on vegetarianism. Recommended foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, low-fat dairy products, cereals. Features menu – a simple meal of fresh cooking.

It is believed that buckwheat diet has beneficial effects on the skin, hair and nails, giving them the vitality and beauty. During the diet buckwheat used in pure form without salt, sugar and butter.

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