Stretch mark is passed on genetically

stretch marksStage pink stretch marks and scarring stage. If extensions are in the pink stage, then they can still be affected. When stretch marks go to the stage of scarring, you can influence them in part, for example, change their depth or area, increase the elasticity of the skin and increase its creaminess and softness.

In human skin, the deep layers of it are a continuous process of disintegration of the old and the synthesis of new collagen.

The synthesis of new collagen has no effect last insufficient protein content in food, climate, ultraviolet radiation smoking, alcohol, lack of vitamin C.

How are stretch marks? During carrying a child: the child grows, the skin on my stomach is stretched, the fibers can not withstand stress and rush. Over time, the site of injury is formed connective tissue. Stretch marks occur when the person is very quickly gaining weight. Stretch marks can occur with hormonal changes in the body: in adolescence, during menopause, with endocrine abnormalities and so on.

At the beginning of the formation of stretch marks are painted in pink color with a bluish tinge, which speaks of the active germination vessels. This period of the formation of stretch marks can occur from a half-naked to a year. After this period, tissue begins to fade, stretching becomes shiny, the color is much lighter color.

That would not have been stretching, women who want to look good, try to care for a maximum of his own body, and this is very true.

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