Saving the shape after a Christmas party and New Year 2013

New Year partyThe turn of the New Year holiday feasts, parties and banquets. Often, the day after that, we did not familiarity the joy and pleasure, and a sense of guilt for torn diet and additional pounds. There are various ways to help fix damage done to your body shape.

So, if before you eat too much fat, trying to quickly get back on the right track in no case did not go hungry. Instead, eat something light and contains no fat, cereal with skim milk, vegetables, and fruit.

And drink plenty of plain water or mineral – it helps digestion, displays the body of toxins and speed up the metabolism, so what you want to burn fat.

If you have overeaten salt, in this case from the morning to drink anything diuretic: the best chamomile or green tea, and in fairly large quantities, 2-3 cups. Eat this day Fig.

Well, if you have “leaned” on sweets and carbohydrates overeaten and / or alcohol, then it is better to stick day light protein diet: Eat more dairy products, lean meats, and vegetables. Drink plenty of fluids (no carbohydrates and caffeine), best herbal tea or mineral water can also be diluted by half with water vegetable fruit juice. Do not drink fruit juice, black tea, coffee and soda.

What not to do after the party.

• Do not weigh yourself. Why once again upset? Moreover, that this extra weight – just excess fluid. Despite the prevailing opinion, better for the holidays is not so simple. To get better on the shelf, you need to consume an additional 4000 calories! Most people recover in one holiday is no more than 200-300 grams.

• Do not peel off. Of course, small disruptions are inevitable regardless of whether you are ready for them or not. But there should be no common mistake – so many people after one or two failures indulges in all serious and for a time completely give up control of your weight. Reasonable to forgive myself and not get hung up on one error, as if it was not, and move on to the difficult path slimming .

• The next time you go to a party do not go there hungry – this is one of the main causes of overeating. Drink a glass of water; eat a yogurt or some fruit or vegetables to feel full.

• Give up on the party of the chips, nuts and crackers. Spend your holiday calories on a really delicious or not available at other times things. Of chocolate can not refuse. Just observe moderation.

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