Rules for Slim and fitness training program

fitnessSlim and fitness classes need to pay attention each part training program to achieve the best possible results inspiring. This will give you a quality start and will quickly reach their goals. Fitness training should include aerobic exercise for the cardiovascular system, by stretching and develop flexibility and strength exercises.

Exercise for the cardiovascular arrangement.
Training of the cardiovascular system helps to strengthen the heart muscles and lungs. It will also help to increase endurance. Training of the cardiovascular system can also help to burn calories more efficiently, which in turn helps to reduce weight. But not all such training programs are ideal for anyone. Usually the program is tailored to your training experience, health, and the desired result.

But as a rule, training the cardiovascular system should last 15 to 30 minutes. Exercises are performed in one continuous motion or use the constant improvement, decrease in rate. The heart rate should reach 70-90% of its maximum, that training to be truly effective. Well as training of the cardiovascular system should be an integral part of your fitness program for 3-5 days a week.

Progress elasticity.
Many experts believe the fitness stretching exercises undeservedly forgotten element of the training program. A lot of people do not bother with stretching exercises, believing that they are not important. But their inclusion in the training program will help increase range of motion and improve flexibility. Exercises to develop flexibility will also help improve muscle relaxation after a workout cardiovascular or strength training.

Stretching various muscle groups should be carried out until the muscles warmed up in order to be truly effective. So, you must first hold a workout. Stretching exercises can be performed after a workout or at the end of the training session. Especially useful to stretch the most stressed areas such as the hamstrings and lower back. These exercises can be performed at least 2-3 times a week, while the daily performance also does not hurt. Stretching exercises should be performed with the maximum amplitude. Proper stretching involves a pleasant, but not painful.

Strength training.
Strength training usually involves working with free weights to strengthen the muscles, joints and ligaments. It is also important that strength training can build muscle, increases metabolism and helps fight obesity.

Weight training routine includes exercises 10.8, each of which focused on the development of different muscle groups of the body. Increase muscle mass and strength back, shoulders, chest and arms reached in the range 6.10 repetitions in each set of exercises. To train 2-3 times a week

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