Poor diet causes disarray in the brain

SlimFatty and sweet foods in fact are harmful not only to the waist, but also for the brain, say Canadian researchers.

Improper diet alters brain chemistry and leads to disruption in the production of stress hormones and pleasure. One has only to eliminate harmful foods from your diet, as immediately appears unwarranted anxiety and depression begins.
A team of scientists came to this conclusion on the basis of studies of the behavior of two groups of mice that were fed in a special mode for six weeks. The diet of rodents in the first group consisted of fat only by 11%, and the second – by as much as 58%, says the publication

After the deadline, scientists noticed that due to the consumption of large amounts of fat mice of the second group recovered to 11%.

This is a significant figure, but in the case of rodents, not sufficient to talk about obesity. The researchers then analyzed the brains of test and concluded that the diet has changed its chemical composition and effect on the behavior of mice that after the transition to normal food became more anxious and watchful.

Changing the diet caused the withdrawal symptoms and increased sensitivity to stressful situations in the brains of mice, researchers found elevated protein, which alters the metabolism and, ultimately, affect the body’s ability to produce hormones. Thus, the level of stereoscopic a stress hormone, is very high, which causes a constant feeling of anxiety and nervousness.

The hormone of pleasure almost stopped producing. And to correct the situation can only fat and unhealthy food consumption which helps to cope with stress and at the same time to feel satisfied. But this is a short term effect. As a result, the body becomes dependent on malnutrition, which often deal with more complex than an addiction to nicotine.

It is interesting that these changes precede obesity. These studies cast doubt on our understanding of the links between diet, body and mind, in comments to the results.

Thus, scientists have once again confirmed the danger posed by fatty and unhealthy food for the human body. It is clear that Tran’s fats are bad – for both your heart and your brain of Oregon Health and Science University.  So I would advise people to stay away from Trans fats. If you are not sure whether they are in the product, check the ingredients list. If there is a vegetable fat, especially hydrogenated anything. just put it back.

Earlier it was reported that the Ontario Medical Association has decided to borrow the experience of anti smoking campaigns and offered to place awesome label labels depicting diseased organs and warning signs the fatty, sugary and salty foods. So Canadian doctors are going to influence the propensity of people to harmful food and fast food.

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