Pills that prevent the formation of fat

Pills fatWhere does the extra fat? The fact is that our body can not get rid of the coming together of food fat. Cookies, sandwiches – all easily lay on our sides. Natural filter against fat there, unfortunately. The second category of diet pills and acts just additional filter, which prevents the absorption of fats.

They do not give a fat split into molecules and unplug fat is not absorbed by the body.

However, there is a minus pills-fat blockers violate natural metabolism. You do not assimilate not only fat, but also other useful and nutrients, including vitamins and minerals! And, of course finishing diet, you will experience a full set of consequences hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiency, billiard tract disease and kidney failure, malfunction of the intestine. Due to the fact that fats are derived “directly” (without suction), fecal fatty acids and over saturated “constant flow” eliminated.

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