Not eat at night and after six

dont eatLittle girls with wide eyes watch as their mothers or older sisters try hard to lose weight and inches, torture themselves debilitating diet, fitness, aerobics, or that really bad – trendy diet pills.

In America in general is widespread so-called diet “minus dinner,” according to the dogmas of which is strictly forbidden to consume any food after six. And if you follow the specified mode and do not eat after six, super effect is guaranteed.

However, do not you ever wonder how to actually come from the notorious “do not eat after 6?” And what do the people who only get 8-9 hours from work to home, for them the rejection of dinner is not only extremely difficult, but also very dangerous, because it threatens almost full health disorder and loss of efficiency. In this case, when the earlier meal is not possible, to refuse dinner in any case it is not necessary!

There is another category of people who have the least and the actual opportunity to dine at 6 pm, but psychologically suffer because of the failure of a late dinner. At the cost of his own nerves you can, and improve your figure, but such a diet will not do you any good backfire and further health problems. If you belong to this category of people (no offense, but a category of psychologically unstable), is not for you after six contraindicated. Dine in your own pleasure at 8 pm, as it is actually easier: The point is not to not eat after 6, and is not to cram for the night, and then the dream of a rapid weight loss implemented sooner.

Just take it a rule not to eat for 4 hours before bedtime. After all, with “six-hour diet” suggests that you go to bed at 22-00. And if you lead an active life until midnight, then, of course, your last meal will be on the 8:00 pm.

But if you find it hard “to not pull anything in the mouth” for an hour or so before bed, consider the following tips to help you in the difficult struggle with overeating at night.

1. Responsible approach to the process of supply: lunch, the menu is deliberately to himself dinner, do not use a lot of salt and spices. Salt retains fluid in the body, and hot spices and seasonings only increase the appetite.

2. Get in the habit to walk along the street at night. What could be more romantic night out on the arm of a beloved man?

3. Take a warm bath, meditate for fun.

4. Enter the new regime – brush your teeth immediately after dinner. It turns out that many people are finding a surprising feature – they hate (or maybe just lazy) to soil already brushed his teeth.
What can you eat after 6

5. To keep the feast of the night, do not keep in the fridge-calorie foods. Better buy fruit or vegetables, if you like them.

6. Do not force your body, do not starve yourself and do not shake my nerves themselves is better eat a peach, light yogurt, fruit dessert, drink a glass of buttermilk. About the calories in that case do not worry, and nerve cells do not regenerate.

7. If it is hard to sleep on an empty stomach, eat a piece of cheese. According to the latest research helps cheese easier to fall asleep. The same effect is soothing herbal teas, mint tea, warm fruit fruit drinks.

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