Madonna’s fitness diet

Madonna's dietWorld Famous Singer Madonna pictures taken in support of the tour of her 12th studio album MDNA, ask you – How it manages to be in such a form? Madonna is 53, and she looks like a girl– turning figure, waist, firm breasts and butt – looks at the ten-plus. Madonna’s a range of different programs to care for themselves. In addition to her crazy dancing on stage, which for an hour on average, driven out of the body 450 calories, it is engaged in a variety of fitness. And, of course, all this would be nothing if not combine exercise with proper nutrition.

Every day, Madonna performs a variety of exercises:- morning starts with jogging, yoga, fitness, rehearsals, pilates, and ends day – dinner and games with the children. Madonna relate to your body, for which no interview, touring or recording can not stop her to miss school or a meal with anything quickly. She also does not eat in strange restaurants, even very expensive.

It has its own individual menu that develops her personal chef, accompanying her everywhere, including those he comes into the team tour MDNA. Just have Ciccone personal trainer on yoga-Tracy Anderson and personal specialist in acupuncture.

Madonna does not like variety. Therefore, in their classes combine Pilates with yoga, dance special exercises alternated with standard cardio and jogging in the morning – with cycling. Developed a personal fitness trainer program that combines elements of Pilates, ballet and fitness. The principle is this: do not repeat, and provide training cycle so that each muscle group is worked from different angles. “I invent new moves to the singer did not lose their shape. For maximum results it takes seven days to a week, “- says Tracy Anderson.

Dining Madonna – a separate issue. Discuss-gloss like a varied diet from Ms. Ciccone. And with different, sometimes conflicting sides … That Madonna vegetarian, on the contrary – protein Atkins diet, which includes a lot of meat and fish.

He even grapefruit
Another trend that was picked up as a fan of the singer, and just healthy food – grapefruit diet. The scheme is: breakfast grapefruit and low-fat yogurt for lunch – grapefruit, plus low-fat cheese or cottage cheese for dinner – rice with roasted tomatoes, and at night again, he – grapefruit.

Soup of the day
Stand the test of grapefruits not everyone. That’s a lot easier with soups. Besides soup week from Madonna – is not liquid fresh soup, and enough variety. Here, for example, the famous “Bonn soup from Madonna.” There, and cabbage, and cauliflower, and carrots and celery, and tomatoes. Of spices – ground cumin, ground coriander and curry. On the first day, according to nutritionists development stars, soup is allowed to alternate with any fruit (except bananas). The second day of the soup can be supplemented with green vegetables. And the fifth day of the soup – to diversify and tomato salad with fresh cabbage. If you add on to this diet, fitness – minus 5 kg per month are provided. Throughout the week, daily is to drink at least three liters of water.

In water
Speaking of water. Muckraking journalists, of course, has calculated that they say, Madonna spends a few thousand a month to buy drinking water brand Kabbalah. All this – ostensibly because of his long fascination esoteric teachings of Kabbalah, which also leave a lot of money.

Madonna rarely indulges in alcohol. Here, too, is not without quirks. One manager of a New York restaurant were surprised when looked into them star quietly took from his bag a bottle of wine and carefully pour into a glass dish it. Rumor has it that the wine consecrated by tradition Kabbalah. Maybe this alcohol is made from environmentally friendly grape varieties particularly useful. To Madonna is like.

Macrobiotics- Yin and Yang
Let’s go back to soups. They are from the diet of the Madonna did not disappear. Only now Madonna prefers Japanese miso (cleans the blood and removes from the body radiation) – the importance of macrobiotic food supply system, where Madonna stopped in the end.

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