How to slim fast

How to slimThe growth of muscle mass they have to consume in excess, which, in turn, leads to some accumulation of fat, so the problem of “dry spring” they know firsthand. And they did have long been successfully addressed. So you have to be a “bodybuilder” in a sense – the builders of the body and use their methods. If the word “bodybuilder” you cause unpleasant association, call them “bodyskulptorom.” And, like Michelangelo, cutting off all excess.

The struggle for freedom from hateful pounds goes all the facilities. From drugs and needles to super rigidity mono-diet. I do not have anything against the fasting days and cleansing the body, if they are needed. But to use them as a means for weight loss is not quite right – or rather, not true. Dropped way back pounds in full, and even “lead captive.” By the way, with a dusting of hunger sometimes used by bodybuilders in the event of stagnation set of mass, when their weight stops growing. So after 3 – 5 day hunger strike digestibility of the organism increases and fabulous, having lost during discharge 3 – 5 kg, they are very quick to make up and dial again. Thus, hunger, unloading and rigid diet is the best way to gain weight!

Arising after such diets pendulum effect, leads to the fact that dropping 3 kg, we type-5, dropping 5, recruit – 7 kg. And so on. In the foreign literature, this phenomenon is called “effect. And the most disgusting in this situation, is that returning after “unloading” fat, trying to stick it to the “problem” areas. What fought for it and…. A vicious circle. And also do you do? Losing weight is necessary, and returns kilograms nobody wants. And here we come to the main question, how to lose weight properly, the weight is not coming back, and damage to the body for weight loss would be minimal.

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