How to maintain a perfect figure

figurePerfect weight for years to come, you need to purchase a number of elementary habits and follow them, not giving in to temptation.

Country before dinner
According to studies, more body fat increases in those people who have to eat after eight in the evening most of calories. Dining is no later than 3-4 hours before going to bed.

Do not avoid the weights
Based on the statistical data, the losing weight people who do not believe for work every day to get up on the scales, it is possible to lose weight is two times more than those who prefer rarely weighed.

Eat simple meals
Verified theory for decades that those people who are trying all the time to diversify the diet culinary novelties, eat more than those whose power can be considered as simple and even a bit dull.

Spoil yourself
Not forbidden to enjoy each day a little dessert. Usually it helps to prevent breakdowns.

Therefore, gain support
It should be found on the internet specialized forum and go from time to time on it. This is a slightly increase your interest in order to maintain your weight is normal.

Do not forget breakfast
Try to never skip breakfast. It is believed that in the opposite case, in four and a half times increased risk of developing obesity.

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