How to lose weight fast?

lose weight fastAlmost every woman is a problematic figure flaws, overweight. In society, it seems that only about fat women that require certain adjustments, as it were fitting to the “gold” standard. But so do they need it? See, for virtually every woman there is a direct correlation between success in life, happiness, wealth and good looks. And when we are faced with yet another failure or a problem, we try to find the cause of our troubles in the mirror. And there we see only a thick ass, short legs, and cellulite on thighs, no waist…

And then what? And then we put up with his being overweight, stitched friendship regular chocolate, and unconsciously program ourselves to further obesity, or start looking for ways to get rid of the oppressive fullness. Then the women discover books, newspapers and websites in search of a new diet: the Kremlin, salt-free, kefir or dedicated regular presenter. And new diet recipes are not forced to wait long.
Losing weight with activated carbon – truth or myth?

Here, for example, – weight loss with activated charcoal. Interest in the activated carbon did not come just like that: first, the coal can be purchased at any drug store or grocery store, and secondly, do not have to pull out of the bag a large sum of money compared to buying other diet pills, and thirdly, the drug familiar to us from the cradle, and the use of coal in the subconscious mind does not cause anxiety for their own health.

Slimming Activated carbon is a lot of debate, women leave comments, feedback on the forums, and various thematic sites of struggle against excess weight, proving the effectiveness of the diet.

So, let’s see, what are the “carbon diet” and helps it resist charcoal extra pounds, centimeters away from the waist, hips, or where they are in your way.

It is known that activated carbon is a neutral non-toxic drug, the purpose of which – to absorb and bind gases, toxins and certain intracohort poisons and heavy metals, and various allergens. Also exterminate excess water and medicines in the body. Activated carbon with itself easily excreted, not absorbed through the intestinal wall.

And in the case of coal to long-term use will result in the appearance on the horizon of the other important issues to women’s health, as the body of coal will lead all organic matter, not paying attention to their “importance”. The organism is forced to leave protein, vitamins, micro elements and even hormones. It’s no secret that the lack of these substances in the end will result in a violation of the metabolism and as a result – a serious illness.

Like any other diet, weight loss with activated charcoal requires taking two pills before eating for at least ten days. Obviously, this will contribute to the duration of the drug a failure occurs in the intestine. The undeniable fact is that coal is excellent “sucks” and displays the malicious substances, but not in his power to stimulate the bowels, and as a result – either constipation or diarrhea.

Whatever it was, but dilution rations cereal, fruits and vegetables will have a more beneficial effect on the body and will improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The richness of these products with vitamins and trace elements, they contain fiber, which likewise absorb and excrete harmful substances, these products provides a significant advantage over activated charcoal. Without harm to health can be for two days to take activated charcoal (2 tablets) before meals and take food only easily digestible foods. You can add this entire cleansing enema.

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