How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

How to Lose Weight There are many diets available that will give you the tools to lose weight. The problem is that very few actually help you to keep that weight off afterwards. Too many diets decrease your calories or cut out certain foods that are known to cause the most weight gain but do not slowly introduce them back into the body. The next time you try to lose weight, follow these steps to lose it healthily and keep it off afterwards.

Lose Weight Slowly

Avoid trying to lose all your weight at once – this becomes impossible to keep off. A healthy weight loss is between one and two pounds per week. After research, scientists have found that any more than this and you are not actually losing weight; you are losing muscle mass.

You will not change your eating habits either. A slow weight loss helps you learn more about your food, make healthier choices and learn about what the food is doing to your body. It helps create new habits, which are easier to stick to once you lose weight and are into maintenance mode.

Avoid diets that promise you will lose a lot in a short time, such as 30lbs in a month. This is not realistic and not healthy. You will gain the weight afterwards and risk putting more on because you have not changed your habits.

Create a Calorie Deficit – but Not Too Much!

You need to create a calorie deficit to lose weight, which means eating less than you burn throughout the day. However, avoid cutting too many calories in a day. The more you cut out, the worse your dieting will actually be. Your body will start to go into starvation mode and your metabolism slows down. It starts to panic that it will not get the food it needs and stores more calories to burn later. When it comes to maintenance, your metabolism has slowed so much that you do not need as much food as you used to and you start to gain weight.

Cut your calories by no more than 500 per day. This will help you lose one to two pounds per week and prevent your body going into starvation mode.

Do More Exercise

Exercise is not only good for you; it will also help you lose weight. Cardiovascular exercise is best for shedding fat but strength training will help to tone the muscles so you have a better body. You should do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day but this does not have to be at one time. Cut your exercise into manageable chunks and you will soon see the benefit.

There are little things that you can do to add more activity into your day. For example, take the stairs instead of the lift or walk to work. These little things soon add up and will help you lose the weight and help you feel better about yourself.

Using Supplements with Your Diet

There are a number of supplements available to help you lose weight but make sure they are used with a healthy diet. Too many people see these supplements as an instant cure but there is nothing like that. They help when you eat well and exercise; not when you eat anything that you want!

Take your time to lose weight. A slow weight loss is much easier to keep off forever. You will develop the habits you need to eat better and be healthier.


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