How to get better the figure of your breasts?

Shape breastsA beautiful thing because breast, sorry to say lost its former shape. You can use some cunning way, the benefit is designed and bras with transparent straps, and special devices that are attached directly to the skin. They are completely invisible so it is certainly a way out.

And if you’re going to the sea and at the same time intend to show off the natural beauty on a nudist beach? Then what? You can, for example, go to a surgeon, and solve the problem. But, if you do not want to expose themselves to such a test and the delights of operational intervention to scare you, then what?

So simple! You only need to muster the determination and patience. With the help of special exercises that you can find here, you can achieve amazing results.

The first thing you need – it’s a tough surface on which you perform the exercises. It can be a half or a special gymnastic bench. Engage on the bed or something soft not totally!

The next step is to purchase dumbbells. Optimal weight for your goals – from three to five pounds. Do not immediately grasp at that harder – it will not add effects, and even hurt. You can enjoy choosing their own or consult an expert, such as an instructor in the nearest gym.

So, if you have decided on a place for study and appropriate weight, you can begin. Of five exercises for each workout is recommended to choose any three, especially since they are aimed at strengthening the same muscles. No need to do anything – an extra load. Moreover, the daily lessons in this case contributed to rapid effect. Can best be addressed through the day, but without fail. This is not difficult, because one session is designed only for 10-15 minutes.

Exercise: Lie on the floor and grab a dumbbell. Straighten your arms in front of you at chest level. Slightly bend your elbows (this will remove the load from the joints) and arms out to the sides until they touch the floor. Keeping the elbows, return the arms to the starting position before feeding. Make 3-4 approach to 15-20 times.

Exercise: Lying on the floor, stretch your right arm across the body with dumbbells. Lift your left arm at chest level. Now change the position of your hands: the left – down, right – up. Elbows and hands, try not to bend. Perform 3-4 approach for 10-15 hour shifts.

Exercise: Stand in the 40-50-inches from the wall. Lean on her arms, hands wider than shoulder width apart and your elbows pointing to the sides. Do push-ups 8.10, slightly deflections back and trying to touch the chest wall. Make 3-4 approach.

Exercise: Now you have to do push-ups on the floor. Position of the hands and elbows the same as in the previous exercise. If you can, put your weight on the floor straight legs. Otherwise – knees. Your goal in this case is the same – chest to touch the floor. Do 3-4 approach for 8-10 reps.

Exercise: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Palms together in front of chest, elbows to the sides. Without taking his hands from each other, try to raise your elbows up. Hold at the top, keeping the voltage 8-10 seconds. Perform 3-4.

You can deal with the music, if you prefer. Breathe – a deep and free. Shower after a workout will not be superfluous; however, do not pour cold water – flushed muscles rapid cooling is contraindicated.

No special diet for this training is not provided, but there are some guidelines. Before class, for about an hour, eat something good carbohydrate. Not your favorite cake, of course, but a little rice or buckwheat should be fine. If you do not like cereal – eat a banana. Hours after lessons strengthen themselves in a bit of cheese or cheese – it will give your body the necessary protein.

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