How to eliminate cellulite in 3 steps

cellulitePeople who are overweight or thin people. While it is a condition that seems difficult to eradicate, with perseverance and in just three steps feasible decrease. In this article I will detail how to make in only three steps to eliminate cellulite.

3 steps to eliminate cellulite
Many women cover their bodies, because they suffer from cellulite. If this is the case and you want to eliminate cellulite in only 3 steps can get very good results.

1) It is desirable to have a diet with foods that facilitate eliminate cellulite and toxins. For this, beyond the consumption of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains, is crucial to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. The water transport through which body waste is eliminated. You can also take horsetail tea, star anise or dandelion, diuretic and detoxifying all plants. Besides, adds foods rich in omega 3 improving the skin, restoring its health.
2) It is essential to get going. Walking and localized exercises to strengthen the areas that tend to have cellulite, such as abdomen, thighs and buttocks. An excellent exercise is climbing stairs.
3) It is essential to exfoliate, moisturize and massage the afflicted area. For this, there are methods that can home to serve creams such as cream of coconut oil and grapefruit or herbal mask against cellulite. Also if you choose a professional treatment, you can choose immunotherapy, radiofrequency or laser.
Cellulite is a cosmetic complication that afflicts many women that while it may be difficult to remove cellulite, it is not impossible. It is only necessary to have patience and perseverance.

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