How do essential oils for weight loss?

weight lossNo one will dispute the fact that the cause of obesity is often the mental plane. And plus, aromatherapy is that, by acting on the human psyche, it brings physically noticeable results, but it appears he is quite gradually and gently.

Not all essential oils – extracts of certain plants – has beneficial effects on the human body. We should choose them consciously, for example, in our case, to get rid of excess weight, only apply some of these expensive natural products – essential oils of bergamot, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lavender and orange.

Remove from your body such unwanted extra pounds as you can with aromatic baths, as wraps and massages. They give an opportunity to relax, get rid of the burden of heavy thoughts and get a lot of pleasure from the procedures and achieve the desired.

Aroma baths
Bathing – is another way to normalize weight with essential oils. First you have to prepare the body, treating it with a brush to reveal the pores and improve the lymphatic system. Blend of essential oils for aromatic baths can choose a variety. We must give preference to flavor that suits you and do not cause unpleasant association of.

For example- take 2 drops of oil of sweet fennel and cypress and 1 drop of rosemary oil. Another option:- 2 drops of geranium oil, lemon, black pepper. Lovers of mint flavor suitable mixture of two drops of peppermint oil in combination with 2 drops juniper oil and 2 drops of ginger oil. Start with 5 minutes, then gradually bring the session time of 15 minutes, taking such baths a day, but not more than 15 procedures. Temperature of the bath should reach 36-38 C. The treatment bath time should end at least a half-hour rest.

Oil massage for weight loss
Use of aromatic substances in the practice of massage dates back to ancient times. This massage is not only pleasant, but also curative and serves as a burner of all that prevents a person to have a slender figure. For such purpose in the practice of massage use certain mixtures, namely, dissolved in base oil, 2 drops of geranium oil and bergamot oil and 1 drop of oil of juniper, sweet fennel and pink.

Wrap with essential oils
Very difficult to get a full body slimming effect entirely, so sometimes, cases topical treatments. Such as the thighs, buttocks or abdomen. This involves wrapping problem area using essential oils.

We offer the following recipe:- take 15 ml. base oil , prepare a mixture of oils, walnut, cypress and juniper and add 5 drops of orange oil. The resulting mixture is soft circular movements applied to the desired area of?. The body and wraps first airtight film, then – with a warm towel.

Oil burner for appetite control
And the overwhelming desire to eat, which is the addiction for those who want to throw off excess weight, can be adjusted with the oil of fennel. If during a traditional lunch in the room put oil, the number of uses of food reduced. And you can put that same flavor in a medallion, which will be continuously and seamlessly adjust your desire to eat.

Weaken the sense of constant hunger and overeating can help reduce various combinations of essential oils of cardamom, black pepper, cypress, grapefruit, geranium, ginger, lemon, juniper and rosemary.

In the fight against rampant appetite will fennel oil, it also gives energy and man. In combination with the oils of grapefruit, cypress, lemon and juniper, this oil reduces the weight another way, by excretion of excessive amounts of liquid.

In the strongest possible offer alternative drinking alcohol solution, which is prepared as follows: 100 g. 96-degree alcohol diluted mixture of 10 drops of mandarin, 5 drops of lemon oil, 3 drops of oil of cardamom, 2 drops of oil of ginger and mint. In order to lose weight to take 15-20 minutes before eating a cup of water, in which dissolve 7-10 drops prepared alcoholic solution.

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