How Can I Lose weight Fast

slim fastLess Extra fat!
Experts in sports nutrition first thing recommended minimizing the consumption of fats. What is this level? No more than 25 grams per day. Actually, such a dose to the body is too small, and even harmful, so long to sit on such a diet simply can not. But that use this technique for a while it is quite possible – for 3-4 weeks is nothing wrong with you not going to happen.

From its menu once cross out all meat, sausage, egg yolks, olive oil, animal fats, margarine, nuts, any sweets, buns, pastries, cakes and other products where fat in excess. Buy over the counter fish oil in the morning and take a spoonful. This is your standard for the day. If the fish oil really did not climb, buy on the market freshly oil and also take on a spoon.

Less sweet!
Everything that is not fat and meat – are carbohydrates. Fruit, candy, honey, jam, cereals, vegetables – all sources of carbohydrates. But! Carbohydrates are different – sweet and more savory. Fire fear as sweet carbohydrates! Sweet provokes strong secretion of the hormone insulin. Well, he is just responsible for the creation of subcutaneous fat deposits for future use. The more frequent and more insulin is released, so you fatter. But the rice or oatmeal you anything so do not threaten. Here are just a milk substitute can trip you up. Although it unsweetened, but it contains “dangerous” sugar lactose. Milk and dairy products are better is not to drink.

Processed foods from your diet
We are talking about ordinary products like pasta. This includes chips, cola, all canned food, fruit drinks and juices. All of this refined, food good for nothing. In the interest of long-term storage in these products added much that is absolutely contraindicated fitness losing weight. For example, glycerol or nitrate. Br-rr! All that you are allowed to buy in the supermarket – it is rice, beans and oatmeal.

Less carbohydrates
Sharply reduce daily intake of carbohydrates! This will lead to the loss of body fluids, and you will drop substantially in size. This shock method is suitable only for single use. If you take in head and continue to sit on the low-carbohydrates diet , you risk harm yourself. The body, puzzled energy deficit, in order to save power falls into lethargy. Drowsiness, fatigue depression – that’s what awaits you. However, in the last month and a half, with carbohydrates and can wait. Another thing is that at least a little bit of rice and oatmeal is not. Otherwise, where to get the energy to exercise?

Alas, to landslide lose weight, one diet a little, need aerobics! How much? At least 5-6 times a week. The most effective way is: break the two hour session on the half-hour – morning and evening. Pulse must be at least 90% of maximum. To determine your personal heart rate, subtract your age factor 220 in years and multiply by 0.8.
If you train twice a day does not go in the evenings start a cross-training. Instead of mince on the treadmill for an hour, work out on it 20 minutes, then go to the elliptical trainer – also for 20 minutes, and then – in a rowing (another 20 min.). The intensity of each aerobic phase should be high – at least 90% of the maximum.

Do not forget the squirrels!
Protein – the food of your muscles. That they are not “shrunk”, bring daily protein intake to 1.6 grams per kilogram of your body. The trouble is that our traditional meat dishes contain too much fat. How can that be? Go to the protein powder. On the morning of his daily rate Weigh, dilute a cocktail on the water and pour in a thermos. Will only take a thermos to work. A cocktail reception at 5-6 with a break of 2.5 – 3 hours. Once or twice a week, eat a steam or boiled fish.

Drink more!
Excess water – stress to the body. The more you drink, the more stress hormones secreted by your adrenal glands. But just these hormones and are “fat burning.” So that the water – it is absolutely indispensable feature in the battle for weight loss. But it’s not only that. The more protein you eat, the more you need to drink. Increase the usual daily rate of at least 2.5 liters. Try to drink six to eight glasses of water before, during and after exercise, and in the morning as you wake up in the middle of the day (a total of 10 cups). Remember: you need still water!

Constantly changing caloric intake
Need to tinker with the calculations, but it is worth it. Owning a reference energy products and calculate the calories of your diet. Adding or subtracting meals, eat on the method of “zigzag”. For example, for 3 consecutive days to Eat 1500 calories, divided into 4 meals. Then lift up to 1900 calories. – Only one day. And then again go back to 1500 calories – for another 3 days. The basic formula is: “move” like a zig-zag “diet should be 300-500 calories, no more and no less. If you feel absolutely exhausted, battered and weak, try to reduce the number of “hungry” days in the cycle to two.

Take supplements
If we do not eat hardly anything, of course, do not get enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. So you have to buy a multivitamin and multi mineral complex. At the same time buy a fiber powder and add to the protein shake. From supplements should buy amino acid glutamate (powder or capsules). And it is absolutely required for thermionic caffeine and ephedrine. Rapid effects of weight loss are diuretics – diuretics. However with bad jokes. After all, it is a serious drug. If u take it easy diuretics plant-based.

Less salt!
The proven way to lose weight quickly – is expelled from the body excess water. Water is delayed due to sodium, which means that you have to eat less salt. More precisely, it is not there! It is not just about pickled cucumbers or herring. Much salt in mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, sauces, and gas stations. Besides sodium compound added to many products for effect preservation. For example, the chips. Carefully read the labels: foods containing sodium, you basically do not fit. Homes anything not salt! Complete elimination of salt in the diet, “will take” up to four extra pounds.

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