Healthy Dose for the Year 2013

Healthy Dose Do you want to eliminate the stubborn fat from your body? Well, if answer to this question is resounding yes, then here’s a cool way on how to remain on a food trail and avoid body fat.

Cookie– from sugar free to high fiber and multi grain, cookies took on a new mantle as the year has neared the end presenting us antioxidant cookies. These cookies are made of grape seeds that not only tastes good, but it is also loaded with antioxidants that is 10 times higher than conventional cookie, says the researchers. Obviously all this talk is still on a lab but you never know, when it may hit the stores near you.

Flavorful Fruits– The horticulture scientists in Australia were trying to create a sweeter pineapple that scores low on acidity level, and guess what they got a new pineapple that tastes similar to coconut.

Chinese Farms on the Moon– though other countries have tested the prospects of cultivating food on the moon, China had presented the approving results. In the year 2013, they plan to land an aircraft on the moon, as the part of this ambitious project. During the preliminary tests in Beijing, four kinds of vegetable can be cultivated in an ecological support system- a 300 cubic meter cabin where the astronauts developed their own stack of air, water and food.

Bread– Generally a loaf of bread is big enough to quench requirements of family for a week, but it lasts for only 2 days because of  the mold. Sigh of grief! , Now, an American company has developed a technique that can help to make bread stay mold free for at least 60 days. In a laboratory on a campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, chief executive Don Stull unveiled the fact that a metallic microwave device can make it possible. While, it will save a lot of bread from the dust- bin, Stull believes that it could also provide us with cleaner bread.

The bread manufacturers add a lot of preservatives to fight mold, and add dozens of chemicals to mask the taste of preservatives. By adopting this technology, we can say adieu to chemicals and preservatives.

Milk– Now, here’s come the turn of milk. In the lab, the formulation delivered 432 milligrams of heart fatty acids per cup that is close to 500 milligrams daily target for the healthy people. The health agencies still consider milk as a complete food. Over the years, milk has received a few fortifying doses. It started few years back, when milk was fortified with the Vitamin D to fight the problem of rickets.

The Green Bug– This insect died way back in 2011, but in 2012 one heard a new cuisine named as crawlie cuisine. And so in 2013 the scientists and entomologist consider it as the best source of nutrients and some environmentalist and champion of animal rights are joyous to push idea of breeding edible bugs. And adventurous chef is on the list too.

Seaweed– It all started with slew of studies and research report unveiled the fact that the benefits of the seaweed are numerous. So, 2013 will get a dose of sea weed along with other kinds of super foods.


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