Health weight – what is it?

Norman weightMore worried about the calculation of the “normal” weight for yourself, let’s try to figure out what’s what.

Body weight – one of the indicators of the physical circumstance of the person: an excess or lack of weight may be indicative of different diseases. Body weight consists of a skeleton, internal organ, muscles, skin, nervous tissue, and various liquids, and the contents of your stomach.

Body weight value very, very unsettled throughout the day. While eating and drinking all the increases, when visiting the toilet – is reduced, so there are certain rules of weighing. For more accurate measures should be weighed at the same time in the morning on an empty stomach, with a minimum of clothing on the body. If you have a digital scale with accurate indicator, you will notice that the weight depends on how heavy was your yesterday’s meal. Therefore, for the analysis and the result of averaging the procedure should be carried out for at least a week.

The task is done, and your real weight is determined. Now, I would like to know what the difference between the real weight of the ideal and the normal. These terms are often confused, so you first need to find out with what are generally the same weights.

Normal and ideal weight are often confused. So first we must deal with the fact, what are the weights and what they mean.

Real weight – average value, which is revealed in a series of weighing person.

Lean weight – value equal to the dissimilarity between the actual weight and body mass of its fat. This value is rather theoretical, because the body can not exist without a certain amount of fat. But there are times when the exhaustion goes so far as to mark the weight drops even lower fat free. An example is the women who suffer from anorexia, which lose not only fat, but also other soft tissues. First of all – your muscles.

Minimum weight – is a mark, below which fall strictly not recommended, as it is fraught with health problems. Rate of fat for women – 17-24% for men – 14-17%. Women are easy to identify violation of the lower limit, because after this limit they occur amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation).

Perfect weight – the weight at which there is a perfect correlation of all the physical parameters, the optimal functioning of the body and the greatest life expectancy. Ideal weight can only be those who confine themselves to a healthy lifestyle.

But if a person is in an ideal weight, it does not mean the presence of a perfect figure. Moreover, that view of the ideal at all different and are influenced by different cultures, time, fashion tastes.

Normal weight – is the value observed in the majority of people who are considered healthy. But since a lot of people away from healthy life, most of the normal weight than ideal. On average, women’s ideal body weight is 85% of normal, and for men – 90%.

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