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Health tipsTreatment center interviewing thousands of human who managed to lose weight. On physical activity for an hour a day. The survey showed that they all have the same thing.

If it is good to have breakfast, you will not have time to get hungry for lunch and do not eat extra. But the main thing. If you regularly skip breakfast, the metabolism gradually slows down. Energy demand falls and the calories eaten are unnecessary.

In the end of 30 years you only missed lunches will add 3 to 5 extra pounds! Conversely, a regular and a hearty breakfast in spite of age to maintain a high metabolic rate, even in old age. How to force yourself to eat in the morning, if you really do not want? First, arrange the last meal at 7 – 8 pm, not later. During sleep, digestion stops, so after dinner at midnight you will meet the morning with a full stomach. What kind of breakfast! Second, do the morning jog. It so happens that the stomach is empty, but simply did not have time to “wake up.” Just in time for this event and need a run, and then a cool shower and rubbing with a rough towel.

If you want to lose weight, never jump out of the house without a hearty breakfast! What’s for breakfast? Only complex carbohydrates! Here is a classic example of the morning menu. Oatmeal, boiled in water, it added protein powder, a teaspoon of peanut (or any vegetable) oil, a little chopped fruit or berries. Plus a slice of whole grain bread and a cup of coffee without sugar. Plus a multivitamin capsule.

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