Health Awareness

Health fitnessProverb says that” Health is the wealth of all happiness” Once upon a time when people were not aware about their health. Now a day every body is being aware about their health. There are many disadvantages of not being health awareness.

It is observed that people of third world country is less careful about their health than the developed country. As a result they suffer from different types of diseases. Some diseases are curable such as fever, blood pressure, diabetes etc. On the other hand many diseases are non curable that means people must die if they carry such disease. For instance cancer, aids etc. But among these diseases cancer may be cured if it is detected and examined at initial stage. In case of poor country people can not think for health because of their poverty. They have to work hard for bread and butter as well as for money. They need to go for money rather than caring of their health.

As a result people of the underdeveloped country suffer than developed country. From this point of view it is observed that people of under developed country must die without or less treatment. The Government needs to spend large volume of money for general public health. It is mentioned that top most priority should be given on education. If people become educated health awareness will aggrandize gradually.

From my point of view I can say that health awareness will not come within a short period of time. Social revolution should be established among the general public. If they become educated health awareness will come today or tomorrow.

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