Getting rid of fat for slimming

fat burnWe will repeat again and again that if improperly quickly lose, we lose muscle mass, not less, sometimes more than the most fat. Which leads to a slower metabolism and fat burning ability of the body.
From an aesthetic point of view, the result is also not happy. “Jelly-like” muscles can not impress. And after the end of a rigid diet is restored first, and to a greater extent fat, and only then muscles and to a lesser extent. As a result, while maintaining or keeping weight to a lower value, we have to have a higher percentage of fat than to “lose weight.”

And to support the weight now need less calories fat and use less energy than the muscles in 9! Times, so we have to be more “stringent” to himself and there is even less. Yikes. This metabolic trap shut. We are self-driven to it. But this is not the most negative consequences “weight loss to …”

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