Encouraging A Lazy Husband To Exercise

exercise can be challenging Encouraging a lazy husband to exercise can be challenging and turn a positive idea into a negative reaction very quickly. Proposing that your husband start exercising is a tricky situation that can be read the wrong way and cause bitterness and hurt feelings in a flash. Nobody likes to hear they do not look well and they could do better.

Like many other topics, timing is important. There are times when your loved one is in a receptive mood to listen to your exercise suggestions and there are many times that it would be offensive. The important thing is to have your plan and your reasoning prepared so that when you propose fitness it is received as positive reinforcement and not criticism. The difference is a thin tightrope.

women live seven years longer than men. Unfortunately, many men die at the very time when their wives need companionship the most. So wives, in addition to your concerns about your spouse’s health, you have a somewhat selfish reason for your husband to live as long and productively as possible.  And, a healthy diet and a healthy exercise commitment represent two of the best ways to achieve those goals.

Here are pointers on how to drive the message home effectively:

  • Do Not Nag – Sounding like a broken record will be viewed as offensive. Refrain for bullying or embarrassing your husband.
  • Keep It Positive – By making it sound like you need more exercise, you may be able to induce your spouse to workout with you. Persons with workout partners are much more liable to stay with an exercise program.
  • Find a Male Partner – If your husband has a friend who will be working out or who works out now, try to increase the bond to include your husband in the training.
  • Stay Atop Health News – Know what health discoveries or problems are in the news and make them a topic of your regular conversation. Awareness will often cause the husband to engage fitness.
  • Play Together – If your husband responds to new athletic experiences, try to share at least one game each week. This can be fun and invigorating and bring you closer together outside the home.
  • Talk Genes – When you discuss fitness, be aware of any genetic risks your spouse has. Things like, “With your genes, exercise could really help,” are effective motivational statements.
  • Go To Healthy Diet – One of the biggest challenges is changing a diet. It should be done gradually but many men respond positively to this change. Your spouse is likely to get serious about his health if he is eating healthy.
  • Go To Doctor’s Chamber – Stay on top of your husband’s health. Go with him to doctor’s appointments and make sure he has regular checkups. If the doctor suggests lifestyle changes, the door is undeniably open.
  • For Life Insurance – There is something about applying for life insurance that makes mortality seem possible. This process and the accompanying physical exam may motivate your spouse to get on the treadmill.

Most important is to avoid hurt feelings. Always discuss health with positive remedies of which a good diet and a good exercise routine are key components. Make sure your spouse knows you want him to be around for a long time. This is what you both have worked for. Let’s not drop the ball now.

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