Diet for Weight Loss quickly

slim figureHow often do we have to lose weight quickly in the summer, new year, birthday, March 8, February 23, etc. We recruit for months, for years, and want to quickly reset the week-month.

We are not going to discourage you, it is quite useless, much less articulate – saying it was necessary to take care of that before. No, we have another problem. I tell you, once it happened, what it all chevalier and how to minimize the negative effects of the “fast weight loss“.

Designed by nature as a natural reserve for the feeding of the child, unexpected illness or hunger, fat is out of control and begins to exist as an independent body that influences many processes in the body. Fat, such as deferred in the abdominal region, hormonal changes, increasing the level of testosterone in women, on the contrary, lowering men.

To maintain and increase its mass, fat requires more and more calories, fueling appetite and causing bulimia. At many times increases the load on all the internal organs, the person experiences tremendous physical and emotional pressure overload. All of this eventually leads to the understanding that “you can not live like this”, and urgently needs to lose weight.

And even those who do not have a large surplus, but want to quickly from 5-7 kg. are at risk, which occurs when a high-speed reset. So what is the danger of rapid weight loss.

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