Beer is good for behind exercise

exerciseMedical research was done by scientists from the University of Granada. Team conducted a series of tests that show that after moderate exercise sports consumption pint of beer faster and more complete recovery effect than ordinary water.

In support of the scientific data of the experiment with volunteers. Their job is to run the trail in a room at 40 ° C to limit physical activity. After the running of each participant was measured by the degree of dehydration, motor function and ability to concentrate. Part of volunteers available for use in beer and other – the same amount of water.

Then, each participant had the opportunity to drink and how they want. Repeated studies after this point shows that beer drinkers have restored the fluid balance in the body better than those who drank only water. This conclusion is suitable for non-drinkers – after active sports and physical activity, they can consume non-alcoholic beer.

Scientists explain the benefits of beer after sports that salt, sugar and carbon dioxide from gazirovkata help better absorption of fluids.

In addition, the carbohydrates that contain beer, recovery of lost during exercise calories. Beer has a high glycolic index, but because the carbohydrate in one cup of beer is too low, it is low to moderate glycolic index. Foods with a high glycolic index briefly glucose in the blood, while foods with low and average values are divided more slowly and release glucose.

the body after strenuous exercise, causing severe loss of fluids and minerals. These new facts about the properties of beer were presented the annual meeting of the leading trade organization Brewers of Europe, held in late September 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.

Scientific studies have proven that beer contains enough water, vitamins and salts, the combination of which contributes to a more rapid recovery of water and electrolyte balance of the human body after intensive exercise.

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