Actions of slim figure

Shape figureThe season of winter a man and women gains from 2 to 5 kg. The reasons lie mainly in the seasonal characteristics of metabolism. And few people can go a long string of holidays, without prejudice to the figure. And to hear from friends in the spring of envy “as you lost weight!” Need to resort to a little “winter blended.”

You probably noticed that the cost to eat a piece of chocolate, a mood immediately improved. The secret of happiness hormones – insertion, which is particularly needed in the winter and the production which runs the chocolate.

But among other things it contains a lot of sugar, so that by improving mood, we get extra simple carbohydrates, which are moving in the extra pounds. And if you in the joy of chocolate, you should resort to a little trick. Do not give up entirely of chocolate, but try to buy only the bitter, with a high cocoa content, without toppings and fillings, and eat 2-3 pieces a day. The rest of the tiles replace chocolate flavors: bubble bath, cream with chocolate or perfume scent with a hint of chocolate. Chocolate “spirit” perfectly cope with the task.

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