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slimming secretsNew Year holiday to look your best, slim and fit. The most effective methods of body shaping and cellulite therapy are those based on a powerful impact on the overgrown fat cells – pomposities. Their accumulation is nothing like we hated cellulite. Destroy the “deformed” cells and recycle waste pyrolysis the decomposition of fat molecules), activating the lymphatic system.

Among these methods are: muscle toning, pressure therapy, infrared therapy, facials, etc.
Consider some of them in detail.
1. The fat cells are broken down under the action of micro-organized with special needle electrodes. In the course of the work involved my stimulation muscles that remain idle during exercise. Starts the natural process of releasing its own energy reserves, it occurs when pomposities pay a part of their reserves.

2. It is usually carried out by means of vacuum massage. Can be combined with ultrasound, which “crushes” hypertrophy fat cells. As a result of fatty tissue under the pressure of the air as it were exempted from deposits and gain muscle tone.

3. Infrared radiation. Heats the deeper layers of the skin using platinum electrodes embedded in elastic plates, bands for the waist, hips, buttocks, and the forearms. The heat from the cell metabolism is accelerated, and a session burns about 1,200 calories, toxins and excess fluid. The average weight loss was 1.5 kg, and the loss in volume 2-2.5 cm

Of cosmetic procedures:
1. Hot seaweed wraps. Most actively excess fat “drips out” kelp, fucus and Guam. Iodine in their composition accelerates and regulates the burning of lipids, minerals stimulate the excretion of toxins through the pores.

2. Mud mask. Thermo effect + special composition own masks. The intensity of their impact shows the result: a single procedure hips may be reduced by 4 cm

Z. Hypnotherapy. Method is good for the local elimination of “orange peel” and simulation of the silhouette. In problem areas to a depth of 4 mm thin needles administered small doses of a special cocktail. The compositions are selected individually. Champions in the fight against fat: artichoke juice, caffeine, extracts of green tea, pineapple.

Beauty recipes that you can use in your home.
Massage with essential oils of cypress, juniper, lavender, marjoram. Arm yourself with a massage brush with stiff bristles. Massage in the direction of lymph flow – from the extremities to the body from the bottom up, allowing fat cells to burn for parting with their “capital.” anti-cellulite with kola nut extract, horse chestnut, cayenne pepper enhance the chances of success.

Salt baths, two handfuls of sea salt, hot (40 ° C) water and 20 minutes – all you need for the anti-cellulite treatments, which can take from the comfort of your own bathroom. It stimulates micro circulation, strengthens and tightens the skin, much of the useful properties of bathing in the sea and everything is heard.

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