Why weight loss diet does not work?

weight loss dietSlimmer physique and marking of the actual (which many seek, he missed six-pack and lower abs defined). If that is the case, and you have tried one or more diets, no result, let us tell the truth about most diets on the market and how to actually get a change … lose weight!

First of all, from now on we will call as “miracle diets” (or similar), all those diets created by self-described experts in nutrition and are just some kind of deficit in supply, either carbohydrates, fats, proteins or limited to certain foods (such as eating only vegetables and fruits). Such diets are harmful to the body, and I can assure you that no nutritionist (titled) is going to recommend the Why? Simply because our body is designed to work under certain conditions ‘natural’ and if we lack of some essential components are not going to work properly (especially when the fault is of some essential amino acids that the body can not produce), we will not delve lot at the biological explanations.

Come then with some clues to notice that our diet may not be working:
If you are following a diet that will largely restricted any food, possibly no fences on the right track. We need to ingest carbohydrates, proteins and even good amounts of fat (healthy).
Are you taking less than half liters of water a day? Try to get at least 2 liters a day.
If you constantly go hungry, then you’re not doing well … the speed of your metabolism begins to slow and thus you burn calories. Recommend 5-6 meals a day, planned and healthy (with calories distributed).
You go to the gym occasionally, but you lead a sedentary lifestyle. The truth is that burn 1000 calories in a day of fitness is very little compared to what can be burned with moderate activity and sedentary little over a week (such as walking, climbing stairs, and even standing).

In short, if you want a diet that really takes effect, you should drink plenty of water, balance your food all being completely healthy and unprocessed (meat sources of natural and artificially fed not), a standard physical activity but not sedentary as always said good eating habits and sports!

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