What good work for the abs

slim ballySix pack range from the functional aesthetic. So Pedro Garcia Sports and Fitness, explains the importance of working the abs to compensate the pelvic girdle, in addition to achieving a beautiful body.

The main objective of our abs is essential you hold the pelvic girdle and stabilize the spine. From there we will have strong training our abs , and slowly go up stairs.

Remember again that abdominal exercises do not eliminate abdominal fat , and if fat above the muscles they are not going to see, and you also have to remember that if you have a flat stomach and abdominal exercises you perform, you will not get mark abs. You have to find balance.

Having strong abs and firm is not just a matter of aesthetics. need to have well developed abs to have a pelvic girdle that meets the functions for which it was created.

To have a developed and strong pelvic girdle is not necessary to have six pack. If this is your case, you do not like to be muscular or muscular, train your abs to get them stronger, and then goes to a maintenance regimen in which you train twice or three times a week. With that frequency will suffice. Remember that these muscles also need recovery as any of our body. Do not treat them more harshly than the other muscles.

And another very important thing. When you work your abs, also exercises the muscles of your back and lumbar . If you do so, you run the risk of having a pelvic girdle compensated because your abdominal muscles are tighter than your back, slowly making throwing shoulders go forward and hunching your body go.

So when you train your abdominal exercises lower back also , and if you exercise your pecs, also trains your upper back, like if you exercise the biceps, triceps have to work. In the body, everything has its antagonist agonist muscle and the two have to be developed for a balanced functioning.

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