Weight lose diet at Christmas

Christmas tipsChristmas or eat more than normal, however you have to take into account the care and health. No need to do a controll diet, only to follow some good advice

The holidays are not an excuse to jump start weight and accumulate fat but rather the opportunity to spend time with family, relax and have fun. You can avoid trying engordarte lighter meals and take into account the food calorie level.
To fry use white wine and no oil or butter.

Limit the use of salt and prefer flavored with spices and vegetables: saffron, oregano, pepper, cherry tomatoes, peppers.

Reduce fatty condiments and more creative use alternatives such as lemon or orange for meat and fish, or vegetables balsamic oil.

Preferably steamed, baked or grilled rather than fried.

Prepare fruit desserts.
Eating the typical Christmas desserts only true holidays.
Carry bottled water table to find an alternative to wine, soft drinks and spirits.

Avoid sauces.
Beware of quantities: eat what you like, enjoy the time of celebration and so rich and special food but do not overdo the portions! It is best to eat well varied but in limited quantities to repeat the same dish. Request a half portion of everything and you will not regret!

Do not overdo it with alcohol

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