Reduce hip rolls

 hip rollsThe rolls that look every time we get a tight jean or a tight belt is simply a consequence of too small clothes. However many of us have rolls on the hips because fat that has accumulated in that area and we have never worked.

If this problem is bothering you, do not despair there a way to remove the localized fat.

First you must start exercising cardiovascular like running or swimming as this type of activities reduces the percentage of fat around your body, so your hips will see results.

To not lose muscle and get a more toned, you should do weight training and aerobics that focus on that area of ​​your body, like crunches and squats.

Finally, it includes low-fat foods in your diet as transgenic fruits and vegetables as this type of fat has been shown to be deposited mostly in the hips. It also incorporates blueberries are a great help in removing fat from the hips according to a study conducted last year at the University of Michigan.

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