Get fit never too late

FitPhysical activity are essential means for the child, as it relates to the construction of knowledge through his body. As we mature, the exercise becomes the background for several reasons, one of the main ones is the false excuse of having many years to start something. However, it is important to rediscover the benefits at every level that gives you regular physical activity in order to be in good shape.

The regular exercise produces many benefits both from the standpoint of cognitive and motor and sociology-emotional.

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What type of foods are incompatible?

FoodsWe have probably heard of incompatible foods. This is the basis of certain diets . The truth is that there are incompatible foods, although some gurus have been preaching otherwise rich as that proteins can not be mixed with carbohydrates .

Our body is designed to consume all foods and possibly mixed at the same meal.

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Reduce hip rolls

 hip rollsThe rolls that look every time we get a tight jean or a tight belt is simply a consequence of too small clothes. However many of us have rolls on the hips because fat that has accumulated in that area and we have never worked.

If this problem is bothering you, do not despair there a way to remove the localized fat.

First you must start exercising cardiovascular like running or swimming as this type of activities reduces the percentage of fat around your body, so your hips will see results.

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How to avoid germs at the gym

the gymThe gym can be several things at once: a means to lose weight, to exercise ourselves a place or a space to find friends with common interests and healthy living. But besides all this, a gym can be a center of germs and bacteria.

Without actually becoming paranoid of diseases, it is necessary to protect our health by preventing infections by keeping a few simple rules when entering a gym.

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Crunches with legs extended

SlimLegs extended allow us to work the abdominal muscles without straining your spine because this is completely relaxed while performing the exercise.

To perform this type of abs must start with the neck, head, back, arms and shoulders on the floor without moving. Once we target and legs together and straight toward the ceiling, in the event that we feel too much strain on the legs can bend your knees slightly.

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Vitamin E – Calming Muscle Pain

Muscle PainEvery person who is not used to exercise consistently, you probably want to have happened and to start a new physical activity the next day you’re sore and can not move.
Do not worry as there are different ways to reduce this type of muscle pain due to fatigue, antioxidants are extremely useful and vitamin E is the main. The United States conducted a study among different men young age, university, to which a portion of the study participants were given a placebo and the others were given vitamin E.

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How to Avoid Losing Height with age

 Losing Height The United States found that people can avoid losing stature to perform moderate aerobic activities constantly.

They studied more than 1,000 people, and those in charge of the investigation made the discovery that people who exercised consistently lost over the years only half the height that people who did not do any exercise. These people were only 2.6 cm., And people who did not do any exercise lost 5.5 cm.

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Quick and easy exercises

exercisesA busy person and have many commitments during the day, you’ll likely not find enough time to play sports constantly. You can still find ways of exercising a little and then give you some tips.

Surely you brush your teeth in the morning and at night, while brushing can use that time to do knee bends.

Whenever you are in a house or building using the stairs and avoid the elevator.

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Benefits of using a stationary bike

stationary bikeThose who spend too much time sitting in school or working can reap enormous benefits of an exercise bike at home and allowing them to perform a cardiovascular exercise every day without the need of going into a gym, something that takes time and money.

If you purchased a stationary bike, remember to start with moderate exercise because if you start doing several hours of pedaling, a day after a jump never want to return, so it is best to start with half an hour of pedaling.

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Daily walking for slim

slimBenefits of walking is arguably the easiest and cheapest is to walk because you do not need to pay fees at the gym to do and can be done at any age. But the main reason why someone should start this activity is by its list of benefits for the body.

First walking is a great exercise to eliminate stress and keep your mind occupied. Many people resort to habits like smoking or overeating due to a combination of boredom with stress while walking can increase endorphin which improve mood.

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