Intermittent Fasting

SlimFasting a practice well known that usually has negative connotations. The same is commonly associated with slowed metabolism due to prolonged calorie deficit, which usually leads to loss of muscle mass. Normally we fast only when confronted with a medical examination, but is unlikely to voluntarily opt for this practice.
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Women’s slimming secrets

slimming secretsNew Year holiday to look your best, slim and fit. The most effective methods of body shaping and cellulite therapy are those based on a powerful impact on the overgrown fat cells – pomposities. Their accumulation is nothing like we hated cellulite. Destroy the “deformed” cells and recycle waste pyrolysis the decomposition of fat molecules), activating the lymphatic system.
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Diet Tips before Christmas

Diet TipsThe following tips for the Christmas diet allows us greater control on New Year’s Eve and enjoy while not losing sight of health- Limit liquid calories: reduces the income of empty calories to the body with sugary drinks or alcohol. The best alcoholic drink them in small quantities and, if possible, not daily. Continue reading “Diet Tips before Christmas”

Christmas 2012 Recipes

Christmas Recipes Celebrate 2012 Holiday another Christmas together sharing recipes and celebrating our passion for cooking. But this year we will inevitably not the same, some you will be new around here and others, unfortunately, they will not be with us to share the special moments that live on these dates.
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Christmas diet recipes this year

Christmas recipesThey are somewhat laborious to prepare but are not complicated to do and have a great advantage, can leave them prepared in advance and bake at the last moment, leaving you plenty of time to devote to it or other preparations for the family Christmas.
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Celebrate Christmas without gaining weight

Celebrate Christmas foodThe year-end Christmas holidays are at hand. Such tasty food offered this time, makes us eat more than usual and gain weight. These holy days there are many potlucks, parties, the inns, meals and drinks plentiful and not missing the opportunity to snack between meals.
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Healthier diet food this Christmas 2012

Christmas dietThe healthiest foods for the Christmas. Healthy and be sure to include in your menu. Although we focus mostly watching what foods to avoid during these festivities, today we bring you good news. There are very healthy food options that are characteristic of this season and they are low in calories and high in nutrients. Five foods you should not miss on your table:
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