Miss Universe Alicia Machado Diet

Alicia dietMiss Universe in 1996 was Alicia Machado ,Selected from 79 participants, this was very controversial reign by a scandal caused by billionaire Donald Trump, this scandal was because Miss Universe had gained 18 kilos after obtaining the crown, which object was to lose the condition of Miss Universe.

In January 1997, she was forced to undergo exercise routines in front of hundreds of photographers and television cameras, incident that led to her fame.

After this misfortune, began her career as an actress and singer.

The Venezuelan model achieving a weight loss product called Fat Reduce Fats, promoting it through various countries.

Step by states of bulimia and anorexia and currently touted throughout Latin America that beauty is not everything, and it is very difficult the world of frivolity lecturing on these eating disorders.

In 2004, mom was a girl named Dinorah and keeps fit with diet points and cardiovascular workouts and resistance three times a week.

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