Intermittent Fasting

SlimFasting a practice well known that usually has negative connotations. The same is commonly associated with slowed metabolism due to prolonged calorie deficit, which usually leads to loss of muscle mass. Normally we fast only when confronted with a medical examination, but is unlikely to voluntarily opt for this practice.

The truth is that fasting practiced properly can be very good and help to burn fat effectively. The key is to know the limits of this practice, we must consider that prolonged fasting leads to serious problems of health , so we are proposing today is intermittent fasting.

What is? Fasting consists of 12 to 24 hours once or twice a week, it is important that we extend not longer than this and that at this time we stay well hydrated. This is a habit that greatly benefits the weight lose, since, on the one hand are eating a smaller amount of calories but are not fasted long enough for the body to decrease its metabolism.

In addition, the fast only this amount of hours our insulin levels remain controlled, something fundamental, since insulin promotes fat storage, and growth hormone promotes the burning of them. The latter increases its production if we fast for a few hours.

Therefore, fasting can be a good practice as long as we control it properly. We hope this information will be very useful!

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