Important 10 tips for lose weight without dieting

Weight lose TipsStarve and deprive yourself of what you like does not appeal one bit you keep leaving tomorrow. Well you do not have to wait any longer because you enter enough small changes in your eating habits and your lifestyle to be losing weight slowly. Here are 10 tips for you to recover the shape and ideal weight without much sacrifice.
If strict diets and low heat are not for you, nor do you have the time or inclination for long workouts, you still have options,

make small changes in your diet to gradually reduce the weight, more modest but more secure long term. To help in the process, we offer the following suggestions:
What gives you the sum? Most remaining food diets. But now you’re going to add, but not anything but foods that will help you achieve your goal. Add to your dinner tonight the two plants or vegetables that you like (spinach, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower) to your portion of protein (chicken breast, or meat, for example). As vegetables contain fiber you will feel more satisfied (or) with fewer calories. Avoid creams rich dressings. Instead, A squeeze of lemon, or a light vinaigrette. Continue adding healthy foods to your menus (more vegetables, more fruit natural, brown rice).
Only once. Do not deprive yourself of the foods you love, but in moderation. Pour yourself a lot and do not repeat, especially a high-calorie dish. Nor why you give such a delicious dessert that prepares your grandmother, but settle for a couple of teaspoons.
Replaces the ingredients for something lighter. Would you love pasta? Serve with tomato sauce instead of Alfredo sauce, higher in calories. Accompanies burgers with tomato wheels and lettuce leaves instead of melted cheese. Or serve a baked potato with fat-free sour cream (or yogurt scouring) and low in calories instead of butter, wild rice instead of white rice or natural fruit cocktail instead of coming in syrup canned. See the difference? If you learn to substitute ingredients wisely, you can still eat the dishes always but lighter and not feel like you’re sacrificing. Try to follow the advice you have given in this article of VidaySalud.
Do not skip meals. When you eat frequently (in small quantities, that is), speeds up metabolism and burn more calories than if you spend hours and hours without eating (the one that is achieved with this practice is slow metabolism, exactly the opposite of what you should, it’s “burn” fat deposits in reserve). In addition to your breakfast, lunch and dinner plans two light snacks (which may be a handful of nuts, a bunch of grapes, a light yogurt or an energy bar 90 or 100 calories). Plan your dinner time to not go to bed without digestion. If you are hungry before bed, forget the ice cream or sugary food. Instead, eat a slice (slice) of lean turkey or a handful of nuts. Plan your menus considering the energy density of the ingredients and thus can limit those with more calories. In this article of Viday Salud learn that it is possible to lose weight by eating more.
Say goodbye to the desktop. The longer you remain on the table, you’ll more likely to keep eating, but not hungry. Spend a half hour each meal. That’s enough time for you to serve and enjoy your food, chewing slowly as you can. So you will be satisfied (or) less. As you finish, get up and get out of the kitchen or dining room. A withdrawal time lets RIEF winning the battle to overweight.
Reduce sugar. The consume not only in desserts, but in large amounts in beverages, such as tea or coffee. If you can not do without sugar, use only half the amount you usually add them. Try removing sugary drinks like juice (juice) of fruit and especially sodas. Do not delete your glass of orange juice at breakfast, but replaced the rest of the drinks during the day brings water 0 calories.
Limit alcohol consumption. It contains more calories per gram than carbohydrates and proteins, so use your willpower to limit yourself to a glass of wine or other drink.
Use dishes or glasses to serve smaller. The dish, or glass, will full with less food. So visually consume fewer calories and you will not notice the difference. Keep applying the advice to serve only once to achieve a multiplier effect.
Sight. If you do not bring home food that you do not agree (candy, cookies, chips, sodas, you know exactly what your weakness), you can neither eat nor invent excuses to consume. Go to the store with a specific list and do not buy on impulse.
Although do not go to the gym, do some exercise. Walk around the block, swim in the pool or pool, cycling, play a game of tennis, are examples of activities that help you stay in shape without setting foot in the gym. The more you motivate and pleasing, the better.

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