How to Lose Weight with the Click of a Button

How to Lose WeightTraditionally, electronics, televisions and computers were seen as tools that kept people sedentary and hindered health and fitness. Now, more and more dieters are turning their health to their gadgets and utilizing fitness and nutrition websites to lose weight.

As people begin to rely on their smartphones to run their daily lives, they are also beginning to take advantage of apps to help control their weight. There are more health and fitness apps available than there are fad diets. And the best parts of these apps are that many of them increase positive results. With these five apps for smartphone users, dieters can achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals.

Mobile is a great fitness app that comes equipped with over 50 different workout routines. The app rotates the workouts at random, but dieters looking to fix problem areas can choose workouts that target specific body parts. The app also caters to all fitness levels and allows users to choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced level workouts.

It includes a description and an illustrated guide on how to do each exercise. Best of all, the app is truly mobile, because none of the exercises require any equipment, permitting users to do the workouts wherever and whenever they have time. At $15 to download, its not cheap, but it is definitely less costly than a personal trainer or a gym membership.

And with all these new exercises conveniently at dieters’ fingertips, they are going to want a way to track their progress and results. That is where Gym comes in. Users create accounts through the app or its website, and then they can create workout routines and track their results. Users can check their reps, weights, speed, distance and calories burned, and track their progress over time. Those who are proud of their achievements can brag to their friends by linking Gym  to their social media accounts.

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