How to calculate ideal weight

ideal weightProblem for women is to have the ideal weight for themselves to have the ideal figure recommended by health since being too skinny may both have problems with their health, and if we take it to the extreme can to become men, and repugnant to the purpose of being skinny is more than useless. But the truth is that to get to the ideal weight is the hard part, even though most people believe that finding the ideal weight is the really hard part.

The truth is you get to find the recommended ideal weight is easy when you know how to do it, because only consists of a simple mathematical formula, known worldwide as Body Mass Index. Everyone knows that the human body is made up of muscles, bones, organs, nerves, fat and water, which in man constitutes 15% of the body weight, while 20% women. Formerly used to measure the rolls of fat that formed on the torso to indicate whether the person was overweight, but now there is a much more advanced and easy to make, and with it you can get the exact percentage is body mass and know whether we are facing a problem of overweight or not. You just have to take your weight and divide by our height squared.

Interpret the result is very simple, since values ​​between 19-24 are usually the best for a woman. If these exceed 24 are overweight, and if the value is greater than 30, it means that the person is facing an alarming obesity to medical standpoint. Obviously, if you get to the ideal weight, the only variable would be the weight change.

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