How to avoid germs at the gym

the gymThe gym can be several things at once: a means to lose weight, to exercise ourselves a place or a space to find friends with common interests and healthy living. But besides all this, a gym can be a center of germs and bacteria.

Without actually becoming paranoid of diseases, it is necessary to protect our health by preventing infections by keeping a few simple rules when entering a gym.

The first one would disinfect the machines you’re using. The reality is that many people do not use a towel and go exercise equipment leaving sweaty and thus making it a perfect source for bacteria. To avoid any contact with these disinfecting passes a focus of the machine that you used or at least clean the surface with a towel.

Another important step is to shower at the exit of the gym with sandals or flip-flops on. This way you will not go to your home with the sweaty body and your feet will not touch the floor of the showers that usually have many germs. When assembling your bag, waiting for the sandals are dry to save so bacteria can not cling to them.

Finally, try to carry a separate bag for clothes you wore in the gym, so you leave the site with clean clothes and do not come back to permeate the skin sweat just wash with you and others. The bags you use should be of fabrics that breathe like cotton and avoid those heavy fabrics like leather and can be incubators for germs.

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