Habits put off us from losing weight

diet habitsMany people begin to make allowances and change your diet to lose those extra kilos that were accumulating. But many times this does not work, today we will tell you what are some mistakes that are often committed not allow us to lose weight, pay close attention!

There are some measures that can make the diet which no fruits are following, an action is, for example, use of the salt. It increased sodium in our blood, which increases blood pressure and may lead to circulatory disorders. The latter leads to have fluid retention and increased body volume.

Another factor to consider are fats, usually completely avoid eating them, which also includes polyunsaturated, a big mistake. The latter are essential for our body to function properly, we must consume them in moderation. They are found in foods such as olive oil and nuts.

Finally, to achieve good results is essential to incorporate fiber in the diet, this means feed on whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Some people avoid them because they say that these foods swell, however, this only happens the first few days, when the body gets used the fiber has the opposite effect and helps us expedite digestion.

These were some of the points we wanted to share, take them into account will help you achieve better results in your diet, and you are encouraged to follow!

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