Get fit never too late

FitPhysical activity are essential means for the child, as it relates to the construction of knowledge through his body. As we mature, the exercise becomes the background for several reasons, one of the main ones is the false excuse of having many years to start something. However, it is important to rediscover the benefits at every level that gives you regular physical activity in order to be in good shape.

The regular exercise produces many benefits both from the standpoint of cognitive and motor and sociology-emotional.

It comes down to a simple body modification, but that involves all levels of human behavior.

However, the most visible results are tested externally with the body’s adaptation to physical activity:
Increasing muscle mass
Decreasing the adipose tissue
Increasing cardiac efficiency
Increasing basal metabolism
By decreasing the resting heart rate
All these results are achieved after a routine systematic, regular and planned in about 10 weeks and can see and feel the changes.

The benefits and adaptation to exercise are the same both for young to older people. You can accomplish the same thing depending on your fitness level.

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