Food supplements to help burn fat

burn fatHealthy ways to lose weight and get in shape, not always the goal is to lose fat, but also strengthen the body.

Today we will talk about the possibility of including food supplements to accelerate the fat burning process always supplemented by a varied and healthy.

These types of products that are sold in health food stores, are prepared from natural ingredients, an example of these products is the Quartet Silhouette, indicated in cases of overweight and obesity in supporting dieting since, as we advanced to the top article, both enhance fat burning as eliminating fluid retention, one of the main causes of cellulite and poor blood circulation.

Ideal for metabolism, for cases of hyperglycemia, obesity , fluid retention, particularization and overweight as it encourages waste disposal. It is ideal in cases of excess weight.

This particular product is made of aqueous extract of Fennel, Meadow sweet, Birch Green Tea from organic farming .Let’s review some of the benefits of these plants:
The Meadow sweet, is particularly rich in falconoid, tannins and potassium salts that help actively to eliminate metabolic waste, encouraging sweating and dieresis. Known for his virtues infiltrators, is particularly interesting for cases of fluid retention.
Birch leaves contain falconoid, tannins and minerals such as potassium. They are used to facilitate removal of kidney and metabolic waste water (uric acid) due to the amount of falconoid and triterpenes. Through its action infiltrate, birch is used for retention.
Green tea contains more catechins, tannins and vitamins twice the black tea. Currently, it is mainly used for its diuretic properties and lipolytic those come from caffeine, theophylline and polyphenols, especially catechins.
In Fennel seeds, with a flavor similar to anise, found several compounds that aid digestion by stimulating the digestive system.

In these types of natural products, it is almost essential that tea contains natural antioxidant properties, antibiotic and anticancer properties, but mostly for being an enhancer of fat burning, we have already spoken in other articles of the benefits of including tea green in your diet to

Take one ampoule per day diluted in half a glass of water, too, and that advantage to force us to drink water, dilute the vial in a 1.5 liter bottle of water that can be consumed throughout the day. Although remember that these products do not replace a balanced diet, food supplements are to be combined with a healthy diet and daily exercise.

If you do not want a herbal displeasure there online shops specializing in these products as Nature Express. Even if it is the first time you are going to consume a product of this type, consult first with your doctor or a professional because it has contraindications and is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding, if ulcers, and for children under 12. If we are doing a kind of crash diet or combining medications like anticoagulants, or have problems of hypertension due to salicylate content.

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