Food in adolescence

adolescenceAdolescence marks one of the most destabilizing in anyone, especially a woman’s life. When young women are discovered during childhood things we occurred, changes that we alter our habits. The transformations that we must move in step adolescents, both physical and metals, are very important and we sealed forever.

You go from girl to woman but flourish in this transfer certain emotions and sensitivity becomes greater. We seek to identify with models and celebrities with sculpted bodies and sometimes, what the mirror reflects us is far from what we want to see. The desire to see ourselves as we want to lead us to follow diets that do not conform to our ways.

To think that skipping meals will go down in weight is a mistake that many teenagers fall forever, but firm in our position do not recognize that we are wrong. The consequences can be fatal, such as end suffering anorexia.

In adolescence is normal to go through many changes in our bodies, we can gain some weight because of puberty. Widen the hips and thighs, the curves begin to be felt and that leads us to think that we are starting to put on weight, which is far from the case.

At this stage it is essential to maintain a healthy diet. Experts recommend a diet that is balanced, always be aware that each of the meals (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) are important to be healthy and to achieve all that we set out to physically and mentally.

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