Five exercises for slim do at home

SlimFive exercises for slim do at home, that will allow you to work out the problem areas, not only exercise at home, but without the use of the goods.
a. Now slowly straighten your elbows and lifts his body, the back should be straight and stomach sucked. Fully straighten your arms at the same rate back to the reverse position. This exercise will strengthen your arm muscles and the press.

b. Exercise for the buttocks. Stand up straight, raising one leg bent at the knee. Do squats while moving the case forward.
c. Lunges. Excellent study of the inside can do them or try sticking to the floor itself, holding the balance.
d. This exercise is not squeamish. Stand up straight, bend your body forward, so that you look, face down, straightened left leg pull back. Now try to deploy the body out, take your right hand up.
e. Take a prone position, as shown in the first illustration. Quickly pull up to his feet.

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