Factors leading to obesity

obesityThere are so many kinds of obesity as factors can upset the balance of the body and produce overweight. The naturist Josep Masdeu detailing the specifics of 8 classes of obesity: medication, psychological, metabolic, sedentary, genetics, endocrinology, horticultural and dietetics. Also mentions the treatments listed in each case.
1. Obesity drugs:
Each patient should be examined extensively before beginning therapy, which means knowing your medical history in detail, morbid history and food history, apart from a laboratory study that has biochemical, hormonal, psychological, hematological, metabolic and cardiac.

The use of drugs in isolation is not justified. It is essential that the drugs are prescribed by specialist health professionals. Treatment “magic” for obesity and there are 3 categories of drugs:
1. Those that are harmful to humans and whose use is banned because of side effects.
2. Those who do not serve, so far not proved a beneficial effect.
3. Those who are truly effective in the treatment of obesity, with sufficient scientific studies supporting its use.

2. Obesity by psychological factors:

We have investigated the presence of a personality that tilt, benefit or set this disease, there are obese with and without psychopathy, but there is a disorder characteristic of obese, but they support, several psychological disorders to persons not obese.

Professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists and nutritionists are increasingly engaged in this field, because obesity undergoes a problem with significant costs, both individually and socially.

The negative body image is a difficulty for many young women who are obese. This leads to extreme insecurity and discomfort in social settings defined.

3. Obesity by metabolic factors:
Metabolism converts the energy in the food we eat in the fuel we need to move, grow or think. Specific proteins in the body control the chemical reactions of metabolism and all that are arranged with other physical labor. These reactions make it possible for our cells healthy and functioning properly.

Throughout the life of a woman, the most significant physiological changes occur with the onset of menstruation age at the onset of sexual and this loss, which bears hormonal and physical derangement both body change state mental person.

Although, as noted above, a psychological one of the most affecting is the weight gain, as a very negative influence on the perception that women have of themselves. Having a hormonal imbalance, and gets out of the regulation and body fat distribution, and the body assimilates more spaciously lipoproteins and lipids, which burn and accumulate less greater extent.

Thus, one of the options to prevent this increase in weight would make a hormone replacement therapy, ie supply of estrogen hormones that the body no longer rise to organic balance is restored. However, not all women can receive this treatment because they have a tendency to develop breast cancer or endometrial increase your chances of suffering.

4. Obesity Sedentary factors:
Looking back 25 or 30 years, many of the activities were done with physical stress for work, shopping or school, we would remove weight walking. The housework is done by hand. Modern life has brought many benefits to machines that help us work and let you move easily transport, or even eliminate the need to move. Also been reported leisure ways as the computer, television or chat, do not demand physical effort and help to inactivity.

5. Obesity by genetic factors:
If the family has relatives with past or obesity, we will have a greater propensity to suffer. Among the peculiarities of genetic obesity, the most important is the variation of a gene that produces insulin resistance and influences appetite control. To treat it you should consult a health care professional to establish hormonal values, such as the thyroid or a more comprehensive genetic screening to see if there is any disorder in any gene.

The professional will help with a specific and appropriate medication according to the problem. You’ll have a protein diet to eliminate calorie weight under professional control and exercising appropriate to their overweight condition.

In specific cases, there are optional treatments such as gastric bypass surgery or gastric banding, which are effective in cases of morbid obesity.

6. Obesity endocrinology factors:
Dysfunctions involves almost all endocrine organs and central nervous system, especially in the hypothalami activity. These changes primarily affect the endocrinology axis hypothalamus, pituitary-adrenal adipo-insular and hypothalami control both food intake and energy expenditure and storage.

7. Obesity by horticultural factors:
Alcoholism, smoking and obesity are the three most important reversible disease. Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder which produces over difficulties that all deficiencies of vitamins and minerals together besides being the source of other diseases. Technological development in their interest to meet food demand, both in quality, transportation facilities and speed of preparation, nutrient accumulations create disproportionately to human metabolism and fat this way.

8. Obesity protein diet very calorie diet:
To keep for a long time to remove protein diet calorie weight, it should be varied, balanced, pleasant and shaped to the individual conditions. The protein diet to eliminate calorie weight must be made ​​to the energy requirements of each individual, the structured exercise and a balanced and varied according to individual habits and culinary preferences.

Excess fat that accumulates in the chest wall can put pressure on the lungs, causing breathing problems and choking, it can also affect sleep, causing sleep apnea.

The obesity can cause some difficulties orthopedic and pain at the lower back and essentially worsening of osteoarthritis in the hips, ankles and knees.

Furthermore are common skin disorders. Obese people have a low body surface area relative to their weight which makes it difficult to remove heat from the body properly, which makes them sweat more than thin people. It is common inflammation of the feet and ankles due to fluid accumulation.

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