Exercises for housewives

housewivesHousewife is a full time job, Among the housework, childcare and just relax in our busy days, it’s hard to find time for ourselves and exercise.

However, there are several tricks that will allow us to burn calories as we perform our daily routine:

First, you start waking up to music, this will motivate you to start each day a little dancing while you dress.

Then you can tone your arms slightly making the bed and turning the mattress.

Put away things on shelves and cooking when you walk over the kitchen and forget the car and take your kids to school on foot and slip to look in the same way

Walk your dog every day, this animal is the ideal companion for running or walking briskly.

When you go to the supermarket tries to take all the bags by yourself walking up to your house to increase strength of your arms loa

Forget full of elevators and use the stairs to tone your buttocks.

Entertain your children with sports as a mini football or tennis in the garden.

These things do not seem to generate major changes, but if you do it every day you will start to notice significant changes at 2 months.

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